Why should
I join you?

  • Because we need your voice to build the world’s loudest network.
  • Because you will get to know other metalheads with us who you didn’t even know live just around the corner.
  • Because your contribution supports other metalheads who may not be as fortunate as you.
  • Community: because metal is more fun together.
  • Because this world needs more metal(heads).
  • Because you want to get to know artists and music professionals in the world of metal.
  • Because within the network your band can get and exchange helpful tips and tricks for gigs and studio productions.
  • Metality means participating and collaboration. The network is fueled by your knowledge, your experience, your questions and your cooperation.

Welcome to the club!

How to join Metality:

  • On the next page you can choose your favourite categories. Which one you click on is not relevant. As a member you have access to all categories, except our club administration.
  • Select the membership "Active Member". For just 6,66 Euro per quarter you have access to all our activities and help our charitable purposes with your contribution. If you want to give more money to these purposes, you can take out a sponsor membership. This is also available for companies.
  • Fill in your data on the form.
  • Payment is currently only possible by SEPA direct debit from European bank accounts. The software developers are working on making alternative forms of payment such as credit cards possible. Unfortunately, this will take a little longer. If you do not have a European bank account, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can temporarily set up a special membership for you that does not require an European bank account.
  • You will receive a confirmation link to the given email address. Click it, set your password and you're in!

What can you do in the club software?

  • Check out the categories and join teams. These include forums for metal genres or local chapters. If there is no chapter near you but you want to start one? Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will start one for you!
  • If you have joined teams, you can write messages, make appointments, share music etc. in those teams.
  • In addition, some teams (e.g. the Local Chapters) will be organizing events about which you will be informed as a team member.


Get the Metality App!

  • Download the app "kurabu" from AppStore or Google Play
  • Log in with your Metality login data.
  • The app turns into a Metality app.
  • Via the app you get push messages whenever something happens in your teams or there is general news about Metality.
  • What unfortunately does not (yet) work via the app is to join new categories or teams. So make sure you always log in via your browser and see what new categories and teams are available.
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