Charity Projects

Whoever falls down in the moshpit of life, we help up.

METALITY is committed to a wide variety of projects.
Here is a brief overview of our activities

#FCKCRN – the Hämatom concert

concert from quarantine
The idea of a concert "out of quarantine" was born on March 14th, 2020 in the Facebook group of the more than 30.000 Wacken fans of Maik and Robert and would have been a watch party with lots of fun, music and Jacky-Cola. HÄMATOM had taken up this idea in an uncomplicated way and developed it further. A concert streaming took place on 21 March 2020 at 8 pm. In addition, 12,500 viewers found each other on YouTube and 5,000 viewers on Facebook. All in all, we were able to generate income of 8561,61 EUR on the donation account! HÄMATOM increased this insane sum to 10.000 EUR!

The Knightfest

is a charity festival for children's hospice in Hamburg "Sternenbrücke".
Due to the cancellation due to Corona the further existence of the festival and e.V. is endangered. We did not want to allow that!


D. is a sound engineer
for metal bands like Evertale, among others, who suffered a total loss of their actual sales during the Corona crisis. Currently, he keeps his head above water with odd jobs, but that's not enough. And we didn't want to let that happen!


Kevin is a sound engineer
who also works on various metal festivals. He is also a metal fan himself. And Kevin currently has no projects. And we didn't want to let that happen!