In Union we stand

Our community. Our spirit. Our ambition. The song of "Overkill" brings it pretty much to the point, what goals and projects Metality stands for.

But we need your support for that too.

The best way is to make a donation. No matter how small it is. Which does not mean that we do not like to accept larger donations. The more the better. To support all those who live the values of metal and need our help. You can already see some examples here (link) on this website.

Do we have to point out that we will always look to make sure that one hundred percent of your donation goes to our projects? Without any deduction for administrative costs or the like? And that you can also donate without being a member of metality?


You can transfer your donation via Paypal:

or to the bank account:
Metality e.V.
Hamburg Savings Bank
IBAN: EN47200505501501080491

or also directly via PayPal (link).

You probably cannot deduct your donation from tax if you live outside Germany. Unless your taxman is also a metalhead, lol... In that case, please send your name, address, amount and date of donation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you a receipt for you donation in excess of 66,60 EUR.


We say THANK YOU already now!

666 Sleeping Bags [UPDATED: Misson accomplished]

for the outsiders outside

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

We made it! 666 sleeping bags - for the outsiders outside!

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