Even among metalheads there are many people with individual limitations. For them, attending a concert is often associated with insurmountable hurdles and challenges.

Here we want to help and provide assistance to have fun!

If possible, we will find someone from our ranks who will go to the concert with you, who will give the visually impaired person an arm or push the wheelchair user through the crowd. And when it comes to getting to the location, of course we try to help as best we can.

Get it contact with us. Do not be shy! Send us an email Tell us which concert you want to go to and what your challenge is. We will then take care of a solution if it is in our power. Incidentally, what we can't do is provide professional care and support on site or take on a longer driving service (over approx. 50 km) - we're just metalheads who go to concerts with new friends and are there for you.

We look forward to a great concert together with you!
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