7. Metality Beertasting with the Wacken Brewery & Special Guests


Wow, already Vol. 7 of our popular beer-tasting,  on July, 24th from 8 p.m.. This time we are going international, so the tasting will be in english. Why? Our special guests will be a little bit more international this time.

Maria & Chris from Heilung will join us this time.

Helge from the "Wacken Brauerei" will present his craft beers, and this time with international shipping!

Gunnar Sauermann (Metal Hammer Autor) and Max from Metality will moderate the tasting.  

As always, Metality members will be able to join the Zoom meeting directly (the link will be in the app)!

Everyone else can watch live on our Facebook page and Twitch (twitch.tv/metalityfoundation).

If you're not a member yet, you can join us here: https://metality.kurabu.com/en/join/step-1

You can now place your order for the next Metality Beer Tasting package! As always, 2€ per order go to Metality for our social projects.

Link to order the beer:


These beers are included (Shipping to most countries in Europe - Check availability at the Shop!

1. Baldur - Nordic Märzen, 5,5% vol. Alk.

2. Mjölnir - Nordic Lager, 5,3% vol. Alk.

3. Heimdalls Willkomm - beer and mead, 6,5% vol. Alk.

4. Yggdrasil - Red Ale, 5,3% vol. Alk.

5. Tyr - Warrior IPA (Double IPA), 8,3% vol. Alk.

6. Ullr - Bourbon Bock - in a Jack Daniels-barrel stored bock beer, 8,1% vol. Alk.

Photo-Credit: Rachel Daucé