Das lauteste Netzwerk der Welt

It's about the music we love, the values it transports and the unleashed power it has:

Because it has changed us and it guides us, so it can change and guide a lot more. Inspired and driven by music, we told ourselves: We'll do it, together - like in every band. It's obvious.

About us:

That's what Metality is all about:

We can and we will not only preserve and present Metal, because we’re convinced that Metal has done things with us that no other music and culture can do... but we believe in the power of crossover even then and in areas where heavy music can still do a lot.

Charity and non-profit:

Bulky words and yet the centre of our actions. Of course, not all that glitters is gold in our scene, but if we tackle it together, we can make everything a little better. This is the meaning and the mission of what is hidden behind the foundation and the association and yes, it is written in the small print.

And it's easy to do,

because whether it's a business conference or a charity event, whether it's darts in the pub with friends at the festival: As soon as Metal gets into the game, everything takes on a different quality.

And because we don't want to bore you too much:

The Foundation is the rock of the moment. You need the GmbH because of the liability if you get the crazy idea to organize something. The association brings everyone together. And like any real adventure you get involved in together: Everyone knows what the other one is doing, everyone gets involved, title and rank don't matter.

Oh yes:

And adventures only work if everyone participates and contributes ideas and themselves. So let's do good things together and the best music should support us.

Our set of rules

Even though rules are alien to us, without a few guidelines the world’s loudest network wouldn’t work either. However, we only have to keep in mind a single rule: We behave like we do at festivals and concerts. The way the whole world admires us for. Specifically this breaks down to:
  • We live tolerance. What matters to us is not what you are, but who you are. We don't care what you look like, where you’re from and what or who you believe in.
  • We respect each other. We accept everyone as they are. We approach each of us as we wish they should treat us.
  • We show compassion. If you stumble and fall in the moshpit of life – we will pick you up again.
  • We talk to each other openly and honestly. We directly address issues and problems while looking into each others eyes.
  • We all have a strong ego - but also the strength to put it behind in the service of the cause.
  • We pardon honest mistakes. We don't keep on about them. We'll just do it better next time.
  • We are mindful. Not just when dealing with each other, but also when dealing with this planet.
  • We do not endorse partisan politics for anyone. If metal means politics – it is in the sense of the statement for the freedom of every individual to live as they want. As long as this freedom applies to everyone equally.
  • And last but not least: in our hearts there is no place for hate and discrimination.