666 Sleeping Bags [UPDATED: Misson accomplished]

for the outsiders outside

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

We made it! 666 sleeping bags - for the outsiders outside!
Thanks to your help and donations, Metality was able to give another 6,666.66 € to the Hamburg-based aid organization Hanseatic Help for the purchase of sleeping bags, which they will distribute to people in need. In total, we have now donated 12.993,00 € for the purchase of sleeping bags and with that, even exceeded our goal of donating funds for 666 sleeping bags! Thank you!

666 Sleeping Bags for the Outsiders outside

It has become a good tradition that after festivals and open air concerts everything in useable condition that metalheads have left behind is collected for charitable purposes. This often includes many sleeping mats, sleeping bags and tents. In the past these were given away to those who really need them.

This too has fallen victim to Corona this year. Because where no festival - there no sleeping bag! And suffering from this are once again the many homeless, who have been hit particularly hard anyway and who are now facing a harsh winter. We must not let that happen, metalheads!

Metality is therefore now starting the big fundraising campaign "666 sleeping bags for the outsiders outside" and asks you for your support. Ideally in the form of cash donations. With donations in kind we would be - honestly said - a bit overstrained organisationally. But you can also do it. We are working together with the professionals from Hanseatic Help https://www.hanseatic-help.org/, who have already started a similar campaign.

Hanseatic Help has been providing and supporting refugees, homeless people and other fellow human beings with clothing and other articles of daily use free of charge for years and provides logistical support for other social organisations in Hamburg and other federal states. How and which donations in kind can be made there, you can find out here: https://www.hanseatic-help.org/spenden#sachen

So get out your wallet! And maybe donate what you would have spent for a festival t-shirt this year anyway?

We guarantee that every Euro you donate will be used to buy sleeping bags, mats, tents or camping cookers and will reach the right recipients.

You can transfer your donation via Paypal:

or to the bank account:
Metality e.V.
Hamburg Savings Bank
IBAN: EN47200505501501080491
Keyword: 666 Sleeping bags

For donations of 66.60 Euro or more, we will gladly issue a donation receipt. Just send your name, address, amount and date of donation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

And of course we will keep you informed about the further course of the campaign.

It would be a laugh if we could not get the 666 together!

Thank you.

Your Metality Team