Metality Foundation

The Metality Foundation is currently in the process of being established and will be a non-profit foundation, which wants to bring the values of Heavy Metal into society. It realizes its charitable purposes in particular throug

  • Supporting, organizing and/or conducting cultural events, international conferences and/or network meetings, which help to spread these values by sharing access to metal music and the values of the metal community;
  • Preserving and making accessible musical heritage in the field of metal music, in particular by collecting, acquiring and managing intellectual property, in particular musical works and musical rights, and disseminating it through media channels;
  • Support of musicians, artists and associations in the metal sector;
  • Promotion of music lessons and other support of young talents in the metal sector for the purpose of youth and educational work;
  • Promotion of other non-profit organisations operating in the metal sector;
  • Promotion of music festivals and organizers in the metal sector;
  • Promotion of metal fan clubs and the metal scene e.g. in individual cities or countries, regions, continents, or regarding individual sub-genres or other associations of metal fans;
  • Support for people in need or in economic distress and those who, due to their physical, mental or emotional condition, are dependent on the help of others, e.g. through financial contributions or by enabling them to attend meetings, concerts or events.

The Metality Foundation uses its income (minus low administration costs - we all work in the foundation on a voluntary basis) to promote all these purposes.